Space Pirates are natorius criminals who dwell in the sargassio sector. Pirates are known for their pride,

and are extremly stubborn, and own the Tesla Station. During the Federation Wars, the pirates joined

Darius's council first, only because he offered a huge cash reward. During attacks on Quadronis,

the pirate troopers caputured the President and took him to Magnosis and asked for a randsom

of 9.8 trillion credits. But instead, Zane and the 227th Legion attacked Koros Base and rescued the

President and also wiping out the whole Magnoid army along the way.


Alpha Pirates: Edit

Alpha Pirates are medium sized, and have a small blaster and sword. They are more powerful

when in groups, and later on in the game drive small vehicles.

Omega Pirates: Edit

Omega Pirates are the primary groundforce for the Federation, and have a large rifle and a Magnite Eruptor. They are larger then Alpha Pirates, and are better at solo combat

rather than group.